Summertime activities are getting into full swing and so is everything at Calloway’s and Cornelius. Take advantage of the longer days by enjoying your gardening in the morning or evening when the temperature is not at its peak and it is more pleasant to be outside.
June weather means grass will be growing faster, too. Keep up with the mowing so you don’t have to bag the clippings. That may mean mowing every 5 or 6 days instead of every 7 to 10 days. Letting the clippings fall back into the lawn recycles nutrients, but does not promote thatch. Mowing frequently at the correct height will promote a healthy, thick turf that is resistant to weeds.
As Spring rains subside and give way to drier days, apply supplemental water as needed. The rule of thumb is to water enough to wet the soil 5 to 6 inches deep. However, try not to water too much. Frequent surface watering promotes a shallow root system that is more susceptible to the stress of Summer heat.
The best way to conserve moisture in the landscape is by mulching. A 3 to 4 inch layer over the root zone retains moisture, keeps the soil cooler, and helps prevent weed seeds from germinating under shrubs, trees, and flowers. You’ll find a variety of great mulches like Calloway’s Shredded Hardwood Mulch and Calloway’s Cedar Mulch.
June is a great month for colorful Summer annuals. In a sunny location try Marigolds, Salvia, Periwinkles, Dusty Miller, Crotons, and Lantana to add a pop of color. Caladiums, Coleus, Impatiens, and Begonias are a great choice for shady areas.
Summer tropical plants are perfectly at home in our Texas heat and humidity. Stunning Hibiscus, Esperanza, and Plumbago are available at Calloway’s and Cornelius. Plant them in the ground for quick growth or in pots or tubs so they can be moved indoors easily when temperatures fall.
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May is the month that makes us think of beautiful flowers. Visits to Calloway’s or Cornelius Nursery, the Dallas Arboretum, and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden will stimulate lots of new ideas and possibilities for your landscape.

Remember Mother’s Day is May 8th! Moms of all ages will love something garden related as a Mother’s Day gift. Instead of the usual vase of cut flowers; plan ahead and give that special person a naturally-inspired bouquet that changes with seasons, a beautiful Container Creation. Choose from our pre-made selections or design one yourself. Tropical Hibiscus & Hydrangeas make a stunning presentation . Succulents are also a great option and they are perfect in our terrariums as well.

Although your Pansies may still be looking great in early May, it’s the perfect time to include some Summer flowering plants like Hibiscus and Periwinkles. You’ll find a beautiful selection of annuals and perennials to give you lots of vibrant color.

Pinch back growth of newly planted annual and perennial plants. This results in shorter, compact plants with more flowers. Allow the foliage of Daffodils and other Spring flowering bulbs to mature and yellow before removing.  Spread a second application of pre-emergent for crabgrass and other grassy weeds. Fertilize lawns with a final feeding before Summer. Fertilize roses every four to six weeks and control black spot with a systemic fungicide. Feed trees and shrubs with Calloway’s 16-8-8 Tree and Shrub Food.

May Garden Series
Saturday, May 7th at 10:15 am – When? Where? Why? Perennials vs. Annuals
Saturday, May 14th at 10:15 am – Create a Color Extravaganza for Poolside & Patio
Saturday, May 21st at 10:15 am – Design Picture-Worthy Landscapes
Saturday, May 28th at 10:15 am – Be Green with Drip Irrigation
Information is courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery at Attribution to Calloway’s required for all use and reproduction.


This month’s Yard of the Month Winner is the Coates family!

April 2016 YOM


2015-21016 Windhaven Farm 1 HOA Neighborhood Accomplishments:

Replaced dying red tip photinia bushes along Clark with Liberty hollies with devoted sprinkler drips

Applied to the City for matching grant on northern-most line of Liberty Holly bushes which wasn’t available for the first southern section of bushes unfortunately. Saved HOA $3500. Thank you, Judy!

Re-landscaped the entire southern median point at no charge to HOA

Saved money long term with continued upgrading of perennial plants in public spaces

Replaced destroyed drip lines that were chewed by rodents

Fun Halloween party yet again—MANY thanks to James Cho for organizing it all, and Tim O’Donnell for being the Bratwurstmeister.

Saved our HOA at least $12,000 by self-managing.

Beautiful Christmas and Independence Day decoration for our HOA by Dale and Sharon Green

Lorraine Harwell, treasurer, managed our finances to save as much money as possible, and keeping us on track .

Hilda Lauriello, Welcome Chairperson, for welcoming new families.

Thinned Live oaks on Clark to help Liberty Hollies survive and trim back overhanging branches in neighbors’ yards.

Worked with Bentley Wynde Apt Complex to repair western wall.

Calloway Yard of the month program saves our HOA $300 a year.

Trimmed Bradford pear trees obscuring school zone sign.

Trimmed southern-most island new trees on Clark. Thank you, James Cho.

Projects We are Looking at for 2016-2017:

Sealing brick wall: Total Cost $6,682.50  Why? To prevent moisture from penetrating wall and popping out the mortar and metal laddering. We just repaired the wall last year and doing minimal maintenance on it will prevent million dollar problems in the future. Great News: Our portion of the sealing cost will be $3341 thanks to Judy Kendler and James Cho for applying and meeting with the City of Plano for the Neighborhood Beautification grant. The City will pay for half of our HOA improvement

Liriope, grass and drip lines along Clark under the oak trees: Total Cost $7,482.51.   Why? Should be obvious as it looks terrible. This will prevent soil erosion and keep people from having to walk through mud after raining   Problem with past attempts have been lack of watering needed to establish plants. Great News: Our portion of cost will be $3341 thanks to Judy Kendler and James Cho for applying and meeting with the City of Plano for the Neighborhood Beautification grant. The City will pay for half of our HOA improvement

Tree trimming: Cost: ongoing.

Spring Fling party on April 17, 2016 in Sandhills Circle. 2-5PM. Our HOA applied for the City trailer for the party which provides games, tables and chairs for free (our very favorite word after our second favorite word: neighbor). Please plan on attending! Bring a potluck dish that serves 8 and BYOB.

Future Wish list:

Replacing street signs/lights with antique style fixtures to increase luxury profile of neighborhood

New neighborhood entryway sign

Surveillance cameras and monitoring. This has not been successful in Windhaven 2-5 as their Board had hoped. This would require a lot of study and significant cooperation from certain homeowners depending on how it would be done. For a small neighborhood, we have 4 entrances, and alley access (wall jumping) completely around the neighborhood. Ongoing costs would also be incurred for a monitoring company.  

Total Dollars Your HOA Board has made for our neighborhood:

$3341 wall savings, a savings of 50% cost of project

$3741 Clark bed savings, a savings of 50% cost of project

$3500 Bushes from Valleybrook to New Haven savings, a savings of 50% cost of project

$300 for applying to Callaway Nursery for Yard of the Month savings, a 100% savings cost of project

$12,000 in fees for self-managing our own HOA, a 100% savings

$500 in decorative services for entryway, a 100% savings

TOTAL $23,382 in savings for our HOA because of Board and neighbors’ efforts plus whatever future repair costs we are saving by preventatively sealing the wall. If we were paying this via Homeowner dues only, our annual dues per household would be $825, a 35% increase in dues or an additional $325.


A FOND FAREWELL TO NEIGHBORS TODD AND NANCY MORIARTY for the great service and friendship they have provided our neighborhood. Nancy has served the board and neighborhood for 7 years while constantly traveling internationally for her job and raising 2 active sons. Todd has been our fearless webmaster that helped us maintain as well as set up our website. We will miss them very much. Thanks to the Moriarty family as well as their boys that delivered various HOA paperwork to our homes. Truly a family effort! We will miss you!




April means “to open” or “opening”, in allusion to it being the season when trees and flowers begin to “open”.  This is the month of rebirth and hope for the future.  April means Spring so; get out your gardening tools and get moving.  Calloway’s and Cornelius Nursery are fully stocked with all kinds of plants and products for every purpose for today’s gardeners.   Consider adding Native Plants such as Texas Sage, Red Yucca, and Mexican Heather to your landscape.  Native plants are perfect for our Texas Summer heat better than most, require less water, require less mowing, provide habitats for birds, butterflies and other wildlife, protect the soil, and save on fertilizes and insecticides.

A successful garden begins with good soil.  Organic material is important to the soil composition.  It helps with drainage and increases the microbe population.  Expanded shale is used to break up hard compacted clay soils.  Top dress your flowerbeds and containers with organic mulches.

Hopefully you have your tomatoes, peppers, squash, and other warm season vegetables already planted; if not get them in the ground right away.  To get the highest yields, make additions of fertilizer (called side dressing) every couple of weeks, starting about a month after transplanting or seeding.  If your yard is too small for a traditional garden plot, try gardening in containers.  The bigger the container, the better!

If you want to create a truly dynamic garden, inviting colorful guests like butterflies and hummingbirds is definitely the way to go.  Butterflies like sunshine and plenty of space to fly around, so opt for a sunny, open spot.  Both enjoy having some type of cover as a resting spot.  Your garden can even include a water feature for butterflies and hummingbirds to play in.

St. Augustine and Bermuda lawns should be actively growing now; so it is a great time to apply fertilizer.  Please consult one of our Texas Certified Nursery Professionals for the best advice for your lawn.  A correctly fertilized lawn now will better help your lawn to handle the Texas Summer heat!

April Garden Series

Saturday, April 2nd at 10:15 am – How to Add Color to Your Shade Garden

Saturday, April 9th at 10:15 am Explore and Endless Array of Flowers from Proven Winners®.   Come see P. Allen Smith at our Hurst location at 1:00 pm.

Saturday, April 16th at 10:15 am Perfect Perennials for Texas Gardens

Saturday, April 23rd at 10:15 am Enchanting Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardens

Saturday, April 30th at 10:15 am

All DFW Locations                     Edible Plants – Tasty Treats from the Garden

Cornelius Nursery                          Waterwise Gardens with Showoff Native Plants


One of the busiest gardening months of the year is here, and Calloway’s Nursery wants to help you create a lush, thriving landscape in your own backyard! March is a great month to plant almost every kind of landscape plant. The sooner you plant, the quicker the plant will start getting established. The benefit of March plantings is that your plants get to take advantage of the moderate temperatures and it allows your plants to reach their peak performance sooner. Come discover one of Calloway’s favorite shrubs: ReBLOOM Azaleas! They bloom in the Spring, again in Summer, all the way until the first hard frost!

Calloway’s Nursery is receiving weekly shipments of fresh nursery stock and this is the prime time to buy and plant. A few great early season flower choices are Sweet Alyssum, Geraniums, Begonias, Hibiscus, and Petunias. With an array of colors to choose from, these stunning flowers are sure to make your garden a true showpiece!
Also, be sure to shear back Asiatic Jasmine, if needed, to encourage new growth from the base. Begin fertilizing Roses every 4 to 6 weeks until September with Calloway’s Professional Rose Food. And don’t forget the importance of pruning those Roses!

March is also the perfect time to develop a barefoot-soft lawn! By applying Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food to your lawn as it just starts growing, it will provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy, thriving lawn. Fertilizing your lawn during it’s growing season results in thick, healthy turf strong enough to choke out many undesirable weeds. Calloway’s fertilizer has a “quick-release” element that gives the grass a quick boost to get it growing, and then slowly releases the proper nutrients over a 90 day period. And the best thing about fertilizing your lawn? That beautiful, rich emerald green color that signals the start of Spring!

Be sure to apply a pre-emergent weed preventer in March. Come in to Calloway’s and pick up a bag of Bonide Weed Beater Complete, which will any stop new weeds from sprouting, as well as help combat weeds that you can see! And don’t forget – once you get started with this first pre-emergent application in March, and follow-up applications in May and September, you are well on your way to a weed free lawn!

March Garden Series
Saturday, March 5th 10:15 am – Homegrown Vegetables for Small Spaces
Saturday, March 12th 10:15 am – Enhance Your Landscape with Beautiful Groundcovers
Saturday, March 19th 10:15 am – Hort Couture®: Fabulous Flowers Fresh from the Runway
Saturday, March 26th 10:15 am – Tips & Tricks to Beautiful Roses


Please turn in your proxies!  Households that turn in their proxies by close of business on Wednesday, Feb 10 will be entered to win a pair of tickets to the Allen Home and Garden show being held on February 12-14.  Thank you to James Cho for donating the tickets for the drawing!  Proxy boxes are on the porches of

5912 Sandhills Circle

5928 New Haven

5913 Valleybrook

Or you can take a photo and send it to 972-896-6269

The Home and Garden Show will be a great opportunity to see all the updates and technology to enhance your life!

HOA Annual Meeting letter 2016

Proxy 2016


The annual meeting will be held, March 22nd at 7:30 at Lorraine Harwell’s home, 5913 Valleybrook.  The Board would greatly appreciate folks turning in their signed proxies ahead of time even if they plan on attending.  We will give them their proxies back at the meeting.



February may be the toughest gardening month. Thank goodness it’s short. In North Texas we do not know what kind of weather to expect from day to day or from day to night. Keep in mind that the average last freeze for North Texas area is not until mid-March. Even so, many plants normally begin to show signs of growth in February, which makes it the perfect time, to get outside and work in the yard.

This is the perfect time to get your garden tools in good working order. So that when Spring arrives you are ready to plant those plants, mow the grass and prepare all those beds in preparation for a beautiful landscape.  Pruning is both an art and a necessary maintenance function. Most trees and shrubs can be lightly pruned at any time; however mid-winter is generally the best time for major pruning.

Summer flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned before buds begin to swell for Spring, generally they bloom on new growth; examples are crape myrtle, butterfly bush, spiraea and honeysuckle. If those seed heads on crepe myrtles bother you, remove them this month. Just clip back the ends of the branches, do not destroy the beauty of the gracefully sculptured trunks by severe pruning. Please never top a crape myrtle. Spring flowering plants such as azalea, Carolina jessamine, wisteria, forsythia, and quince should not be pruned until after the blooms are spent.

February is the best time for pruning most roses. Remove any old and diseased canes then cut the remaining canes back by 50%. Make your cuts above a bud that faces away from the center of the plant.

Early to mid-February marks the time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide for lawns. These products kill germinating seed. A second application may be needed in late May or early June. Remember that the best defense against lawn weeds is a healthy, thick turf resulting from good management.  Trim back perennials and ornamental grasses before the new growth appears in Spring. Clean up around plants and mulch well to protect.

This is a great time to visit your Calloway’s/Cornelius Nursery. New plants are arriving now for late winter and early spring planting. By planting early, plants will be off to a better start and can become adjusted before the stresses of summer arrive.
While at your Calloway’s/Cornelius Nursery treat your special Valentine with beautiful, fresh, living flowers! The rose can be enjoyed all year; cool season flowers such as pansies, primrose and cyclamen can add a burst of color to your landscape, patio or garden. That special person would love a container filled with exotic blooms and foliage comprising orchids, bromeliads, cyclamens and more.

Information courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery ©2016,